“Sneak Peek”

I was a young teenager driving myself and my stepbrother to school one morning. We were running late, and I was rushing to get us both there on time. I came to an intersection with a two-way stop. A grater did not stop at the sign, and I hit it dead-on going about 50 mph. My stepbrother bashed his nose on the dashboard, and the steering wheel came up through the dash and smashed me into the seat, which pushed me to the back seat. Someone ran up and opened the door, and I crawled out and fell into the ditch, unable to breathe, with all the breath knocked out of my lungs. That steering wheel crushed my chest and lungs so hard, it was incredible that I was alive. I was lying in the ditch rolling from side to side, desperate for air, but none came. I could hear people talking around me and looking at me and saying how blue and purple I was turning. I thought I was going to meet God right then and there. My stepbrother had run back home to get my dad. The ambulance had been called, but living in Waco, it was taking a while to arrive. All of a sudden, I felt an overwhelming presence of Peace.

Then, this elderly man walked up and kind of knelt down next to me. I can still feel the warmth of his hand and fingers on the back of my neck as he gently pushed my head back and pulled my neck upwards to open my airways, and I was finally able to breathe! I remember that first huge gulp of air–knowing I was going to live and not die. The man never spoke–just acted and walked away. At this time, the ambulance showed up, and I was taken for x-rays and to be checked at the hospital. Although the steering wheel had literally crushed my chest area, not one rib or any other bone was broken. I was so grateful but very sore for about a week. It was then that I decided to go find the gentleman who, I perceived, had saved my life, and to thank him for what he did for me. I talked to those neighbors and friends that I knew were at the accident scene and asked them if they knew the man. All of them said that there was no man there that they saw. I just had to go thank him for saving my life, but everyone thought that because of the shock of it all, I had imagined it. But, NO! He was an angel–no doubt about it–sent by God right at that moment. I will always know this in my heart. I thanked God for sending him. And, for some reason, God wanted me to have that “sneak peek” into that realm that we so hope for. I never found him, and I am 60 years old today. I know in my heart and for always, God sent that angel to protect me and save me that day from what could have been a fatal accident. My stepbrother and I both recovered, but we never forgot this accident we had together and my sweetest angel.

Before the accident, I wouldn’t say I was religious, but I did believe that God existed, and I do believe He can send forth angels when and if He chooses for us. I was baptized at the age of ten and was active in church then, but not during my teen years. I had drifted away from the church and God as my mom and dad went through a divorce. But, in spite of it, I have always believed that there was something way bigger than us. I have always known that we were created by a greater, higher force, who is God. When you think about the whole human body, with all the veins, cells, blood vessels, organs, and how it all works together to sustain us, it’s truly awesome! And so, I knew that no man could’ve created that or made that. It had to be higher deity!

I did not have an experience before the accident happened, but I have had two more major experiences in my life that I know were God-sent after this accident. In 2001, when my grandson was 2 days shy of his 6th birthday, he was in a tragic car wreck and drowned in the icy waters of the Red River. I was so very grief-stricken and had nightmares for 6 months. And then, God gave me an awesome dream. He showed me that my grandson was with him and very happy, etc. I had complete Peace after that and still do to this very day. He gave me that dream or “sneak peek” to help me in my grieving, and I believe that. And then, just 5 years ago, my husband died at the young age of 50 from bone cancer, and we literally FELT his spirit leave his body and go out the front living room window with my cat meowing like crazy and running to that window. The angels were here with my husband the night before, preparing him for his death, and I was able to experience and know all this by my cat’s actions. This is also another long story, but it was just another great and awesome experience for me and my cousin, who was with me at the time.

But, those are other stories… When something like this happens, you don’t say a lot about it at first. And, I surely didn’t at that age and time in my life. I knew that most people would be critical and/or skeptical or think I was crazy, but as I got older and matured more with the Lord in my life, I started sharing this story with those I believed would be “ready” to hear about it. So, I have shared this with some people. Most have been very receptive. Some even have their own experience to share. And, with me sharing, it made them feel more at ease to share their story with me.

Why does God give some of us these “sneak peeks” and not others? I don’t know, but I do believe that He wants us to share them in order to help others to believe. I do believe he chooses us to share our stories in His timing. As I said, I didn’t share for years.

I have always called it “sneak peeks.” The experiences are so awesome for me, so it’s hard for me to see how other might struggle believing. I think the struggle comes with everything we have been brought up to think–that everything has to be rationalized. But, I would tell people who have had similar experiences to take the experience and accept it as a blessing–to get that “sneak peek” that so many others never get to have. I have told my story to non-believers and some were like, “NO WAY!” And some were very interested in hearing more. Did they come to believe? I don’t know, but I know my story has impacted some. And I’m sure others have laughed. I haven’t shared it with a LOT of folks, but several. And I will continue to share it when I think the timing is right. It’s true, and it happened just this way, and I feel very blessed that I had the experience and all the experiences that I have had.

God is Real. Heaven is Real. I know it and will always believe it. Satan is real, too, but we can always win when we keep on the armor of God daily. When we share with non-believers, I feel that’s all that is necessary and all God expects. We’ve planted that seed, and it’s up to God to make it grow. God gives us free will and choice, but He hopes we come to believe in Jesus. But, we’ve done what was expected and can be glad we helped to plant for His Kingdom.


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